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Welcome to Denc, your online source for the Denc Automatic Radiator Bleed Valve.

  how the Denc Valve works  
The Denc Valve The Denc Valve alongside new 10p
Denc valve alongside new 10p piece

  • Air often collects in a radiator, causing cold spots and impeding central heating performance
  • The easy-to-fit Denc Valve allows any air to escape while preventing the escape of any water
  • This ensures the radiator is always full of water, improving system performance

Now available
The vertical Denc Valve, for radiators where the bleed valve is located at the top!

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The Denc Valve will work with the vast majority of radiator based central heating systems.

The valve comes with a 5mm connection thread, which is compatible with the vast majority of modern radiators. If your radiators are over 20 years old, they may have 6mm connection threads, in which case you will also need to buy one 6mm adaptor for each valve you order.
Please check the size of adapter you need before ordering!

The main body of the Denc Valve (excluding the side connector) is approximately 33mm high and 14mm in diameter. When properly installed the Denc Valve will protrude no more than 22mm from the end of radiator.

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